Another scammer

My brother-in-law let everyone on FB know that someone spoofed his account and to expect a friend request from the fake account.

I was the only one to accept the friend request.

My BIL likes hockey. I do not.

The scammer used “Glenniosismith” as their username.

I’m pretty proud of my work at DHHS.

How is it you get the fun scammers and spammers? I just get boring crap like Canada Post phishing scams. :frowning_face:

This one is me following a scammer. Generally they find me. I enjoy the interactions.

Hqve another scammer on the line for a similar advance fee scam. This one is an attorney! She has a law firm and everything!

I kid you not. “Law Firm, Artorney at Law”

You cant make this up. It’s too good.

Btw, the person who sent me to “her” is a spoof of Luce’s FB account.