Canadian family moves to Russia to escape teh gays

I can not make this stuff up.

Pick a video or two at random if you want. I’ve sampled and I think it’s concentrated stupidity.

This story is going to pick up traction.

(I’m not a fan of Dean Blundell but that’s for another time)

So in a previous video the wife complained that the Russian bank froze their account, and in the next video she’s not in it and the husband is singing Russia’s praises?

Well, that’s not suspicious at all.

I suggest the wife not go near any windows that are not on the ground floor, and just avoid stairs altogether.

I guess I should not be so glib about it, given they dragged 8 of their 9 kids to Russia with them. The 10 of them are living in a 2 bedroom apartment, ostensibly until they can find a farm to buy with the money that hasn’t been released.

Their oldest child stayed behind in Canada. Smart kid.

Shit, all they had to do was wait a few more years and the US would probably be safe, at least the Red states. :roll_eyes:

Yeah, but they’d be illegals. But white illegals. What is the Republican position on those again?

Finally, some news on the Feenstra fam. Turns out that, (a) foreigners need to pass a Russian proficiency test to get temporary visas, and, (b) foreigners cant buy any more than 49% of a farm. So, these folks travelled all the way to Russia just to have their money frozen, sleep 10 people in a 1 bedroom apartment, not be able to buy a farm, and are about to get kicked out because they didn’t so much as read a travel brochure before they picked up sticks and moved with 8 of their kids.

Their oldest is the only one looking halfways intelligent here. He stayed behind.

The say they will return. God I hope so.

Kama is hysterical sometimes. Reality bites.

They don’t necessarily have to go back to Canada, but they do have to leave and come back. And they need to learn Russian. And they won’t be able to buy land until they are citizens. And they could be stuck in a very cramped apartment for months until those things happen.

But there are no gays and no chance that anyone other than a homophobic dictator will be elected anytime soon.

I feel for the kids. They will be miserable. The parents deserve this.

I agree. Maybe they’ll learn what tyranny and oppression really are