Crux 24 - Upheld in the Wilderness

I know, but it’s fun to bleat on about the sheep.

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Holy shit! I forgot about this. I guess it started today.

And you’re not there??? :open_mouth:

I know! My sheep!

I hope someone is tending to them.

Not like that.

In all seriousness, I don’t have a major problem with Cruxifusion. I think they’re trying to regain some form of theological credibility that isn’t worth aspiring to in the first place, but they can do what they want. My most serious issue with them is their acceptance of about $50K from anti-gay Community of Concern, without (that I can tell) redirecting any of that money to combat the past efforts of the CoC.

Mostly, it’s a domain that will get me some traffic, and annoy some humourless folks.

My old offer to Cruxifusion stands. If they donate enough to send one kid to Rainbow Camp, at the full ride price, they can have this domain. I won’t even charge anything for the prepaid years.

I don’t expect they’ll contact me.

Our church would love the 50K to fix our poor old roof.

I’m still mildly curious to know if Cruxifusion-affiliated churches are more or less likely to be affirming or at least LGBTQ+ friendly?

I’m thinking they would not want that information gathered, never mind published.