Crux 24 - Upheld in the Wilderness

Crux 24 has a date and it has a theme. It will be held April 16-18 in Hamilton, at St. John United Church,195 East 38th Street.

This year’s theme is “Upheld in the Wilderness”. It took a little while to release the name. I can’t imagine why.

“Upheld in the Wilderness” appears to be a reference to John 3:14, which is a refreshing change from the ubiquitous John 3:16 references, and has something to do with holding up a snake and possibly whipping it around.

This is, apparently, a good thing.

In any case, you can attend Crux 24 and learn all about holding snakes above your head in a forest. Clearly, this is something you do in Canada and not in Australia, where the theme would be “Leave the Danger Noodles on the Ground”.

Will you be attending?


Obviously, I’ll be invited. The invitation is probably just lost in the mail.

However, I think I have a scheduling conflict. They will be devastated, I’m sure.

To be fair, we have Massassauga rattlers so if you’re up in the Bruce area, you might want to check before picking up snakes. But Hamilton should be safe, eh. :snake: :grin:

I guess the title is more about them upholding Jesus and a High Christology in the modern “wilderness” than snake handling, though? No idea, I guess. I am not the target audience as you well know.

Aren’t they more glorified maracas, though?

Okay, two recorded deaths. I think Australia is still leading. Again, I don’t even trust koalas.

Oh, those koalas. There’s stories I have heard … :koala: :sweat_smile:

I have a koala emoji???

You have a very impressive set of emojis, in fact. Similar to Circle, which is the platform another site I am on uses. It is similar to Discourse in a number of respects.

Oh man, don’t send me down another koala hole. I just got this site up.

I now recall I checked out Circle, but it’s not open source. It would be a lot more expensive.

Yeah, it would be. The site I’m on is owned by my favourite singer and she has paying premium members to help defray the costs.

Floor Jansen, right? It’s like the Dutch version of my last name. I can appreciate the talent, but I find I’m not really into her stuff.

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It’s now confirmed that I can not make Crux 24. But no matter, Cruxifusion members can use this site and tell us all about it.

There are rumours that Rev. Vosper will speak at Crux 24. I hope they are true.

Now I wonder who started this particular rumour, LoL

It seems to be a pretty solid rumour. I’ve read it in a couple of places.

I want to announce now that I am available to speak at Crux24. When I said I was not available, I was probably drinking quite heavily in the checks time of post early afternoon.

Oh my.

Anyway, in anticipation of the invitation, I will start writing my sermon. See you in Hell…er…Hamilton!

I have yet to receive an invitation to Crux 24.

I think they are still sore about the sheep. No word how the sheep themselves are feeling.

Their loss.

The sheep? They could maybe use another year to recover.

The Crux24 folks.