Found some music

One of the benefits of the Internet, and possibly the most important benefit (even better than cat puns), is that I find new musical artists that aren’t on the radio. I can bypass all that corporate crap where they flog the same artists over and over while other talented artists get ignored.

Below, anyone can bring forward a new or underappreciated artist. Just, no one post about Taylor Swift.

So the first is Aimee Carty. She is Irish and that’s about all I know, lol. She has blown up on Tiktok. I am not on Tiktok, but my daughter knows her. Thankfully shes also on Insta, which is more my speed.

2 Days at College went viral for her and is a longer song than this now:

Not Good at Parking is remarkable:

New acts, eh. Well, here’s one. Mystic Tea Party is a new pop act from Down Under. Lead singer is Blume, an intersex influencer and activist on social media now also pursuing a music career. Their partner is also part of the band. This is their third single and apparently the fourth is now available for pre-save on the major services.

Crownshift is a new band, but the members have all been kicking around the Finnish metal scene for years and are active in other bands with this as a side project. I came to them because bassist Jukka Koskinen plays bass for Nightwish, my current favourite rock band in the whole damn world.

Gave them a listen. Not really my thing, but I appreciate the talent.

Claire and I have tickets to Frank Turner’s Lost Evenings 7 in Toronto:

4 nights, 4 concerts. I got us seats for this one, because I will die otherwise.

I may even send her with a friend one night. The last time we saw him was a year ago at History in Toronto. We ended up in a mosh pit and I had to shield my daughter from a knuckledragger who launched himself at her. My back hasn’t been quite the same since, but I got a story out of it, so we’re even.

Haven’t listened to Frank in a while. You actually got me interested in a thread on WC or WC2.

Malinda isn’t totally new, with a couple EPs and one LP under her belt, but she definitely deserves more attention. Irish-inflected folk-pop. She’s actually American but has spent a chunk of her life learning Irish music and vocal techniques.