How about a little ... SCIENCE!

PBS Eons is a favourite channel of mine. The show is produced under the PBS Digital Studios banner by Complexly, a production company focussed on educational content based in Montana and headed by Hank Green, a best-selling s-f author, influencer, and all-round cool dude. They also put out SciShow, another staple of my YouTube viewing.

This week, they look at human origins and specifically the idea of there being a cradle of humanity, a single “homeland” for us all. It’s an idea that, I suspect, appeals due to the old Eden myth but that is getting a rocky ride as scientists learn more and more about not just the complex family tree of the genus homo, but the complex development of our own species, homo sapiens.

And, by the way, the rules are the same as for the comparable thread on another site: I’m here to celebrate and talk about the wonders of the universe as revealed by science. Attempts to debate about creationism, pseudoscience, and conspiracy theories will be politely (or maybe impolitiely) ignored.

I’m totally here to debate and mock creationism, pseudoscience and conspiracy theories, tho.

If anyone posts anything like that, go for it. I likely will just ignore and carry on, though. I just prefer to have my science threads be about the science and fight those battles in other threads.

The big science story of this week, and probably this month, is that we are getting buffeted by some big geomagnetic storms due to increased activity on the Sun. Here’s ongoing coverage from