Okay, this is nice

Not sure if your setup is better or just the software has improved in the couple years since, but this is much nicer than the last Discourse site that I was on. Nicely done. :grinning:

Hey, yeah, thanks. It’s technically still the default theme. I didn’t think the other pre-installed options were much of an upgrade, but I could cycle through them.

I’m mildly afraid of installing a new theme, because, holy cow, Linux. I thought I left command line interfaces behind once Windows 3.1 was released. “git” this and “sudo” that means nothing to me, but I can copy-and-paste while crossing my fingers with the best of them.

Yeah, I’ve got Mint running in a VM on my personal laptop with a view to eventually using it as a Windows replacement. They’ve come a long way from my first forays into Linux years ago but I still have to drop to a terminal session from time to time.

I was supposed to SSH in using PuTTY using some pre-shared key or something. I just used the built-in browser console instead. It’s a miracle this place is running, but I did install a firewall plus this software from that command line, so something went right.

The whole thing is rather cheap as well. This is running on a “droplet” VPS. Costs me $5USD/month. The software is open source. The domain is about $20/year and I’ve prepaid that for 3 years so the other Cruxifusion can relax and not worry about getting their hands on it any time soon.

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A couple specific likes:

  • Polls are added to a post rather than being a special thread/post type
  • The WYSIWYG preview is always visible rather than being a separate thing

Though I wonder how the latter will work on mobile. Need to try this on my Galaxy.

Added a small “Crux” icon that shows up on top of the page when viewing threads and seems to show up as an icon if the site is bookmarked.

Just looks a little more polished.

I’ve put more effort into disabling notification emails. This software wants to alert you is someone so much as likes your post.

Xenforo does that, too, if you let it. I think most forum/social software does. It’s just a matter of how much is “ON” by default and has to be turned off. I really only need email notification for private messages. Anything else, an alert on the site is enough.

Yeah, I don’t want this site bothering anyone. I just want it to exist in the background.

Yay, Passkeys. Something Xenforo is still lagging on (and that doesn’t seem to be imminent either).

(For those not in the know, a Passkey means you can designate a device, e.g. your smartphone, to log you in to a site. So to get on Crux with my Passkey, I get a prompt on my phone and login with my fingerprint using my phone’s biometrics instead of a password)

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