Re: Are we still able to debate fairly?

Just popped into WC2.1 and in this thread, there is a push by WhyCzar (who is new?) and DL to bring some sort of balance to the issue of residential schools.

This is the sort of thread that could use someone like me, and the while I don’t really want to help WC2.1, I can’t let this go completely unchecked, because I’m me. I think a good starting point for a rebuttal can be found in The Walrus:

Something like the “Indian Residential Schools Research Group” just screams to be looked at more closely.

Note also that subsequent to her retirement from the Senate, Lynn Beyak donated $300USD to Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign. Not that she is allowed to do that, being a Canadian citizen.

There are going to be inaccuracies in what is being reported about residential schools. The media love to sensationalize and cherry pick the worst of what’s out there. There will also be positive stories from any educational system. There were limited positive outcomes from many injustices throughout history, but we don’t celebrate the random positives that come from immoral acts.

Many want to create a “both sides” narrative, because the stain of residential schools reflect badly on their faith. I wish there was more pushback on their attempts. As they gain traction in right-wing publications, I expect there will be more informed refutations to be found.

I agree Craig. WhyCzar is new. S/he responded decently to my question. I’m still waiting for DL to respond.

I’ll check out that site.

WC is using APTN for more information. That’s probably a decent source. S/he also referenced Richard Wagamese so that should be decent.

You miss us over on WC2, I think, Craig.

Yes, I helped rescue Wondercafe from the United Church, who left abusive, protectionist idiots in charge. I had people who were at least online friends. I had an outlet for my brand of humour, and I made people laugh, which is totally my thing.

And I was made to humiliate myself by a fake apology to keep the peace. And I’m effectively forced out because no one will admit that was wrong.

I miss the place, but I’d rather be here by myself than go back without an apology.

I’ll wait until the next changing of the guard, then try again.