Republicans struggle to respond to Alabama embryo ruling

Another case of the dog catching its tail?

Now that states can set their own abortion restrictions, IVF is under attack.

A judge in the Alabama decision to give an embryo the same rights as a child, in their opinion warned against invoking the “wrath of a holy God.”

In response to this ruling, IVF clinics are halting these procedures in Alabama, cutting off options for those looking for reproductive help.

The ruling is popular with the ultra-conservative Christians, who seem to be in a race to see who can out-conservative the others. But for anyone, even hard core right-wingers, who are trying desperately to get pregnant, this may be a “leopard-eating-my-face?” moment that backfires at the polls. Not to mention the doctors and other health care professionals who will be scared out of the state or refuse to move there from other states.

How far can these rulings spread? Mississippi is an obvious one, but could it reach Texas? Could it flip a state blue? How far is too far before there is a voter revolt against the social conservatives?

Actually, even a lot of GOP folks are distancing themselves from this ruling and the Alabama legislature looks poised to introduce legislation to override it. And federally, there’s a movement to get a bill to protect IVF going in the Senate though, of course, the loon caucus in the House could kill that.

If the Dems approve, there are enough Republicans in moderate districts who could push it over the line.