Topics Page Issue?

Posts/threads in categories like R&F, etc. aren’t getting on to the Topics page, so it ends up looking a bit stale. Weirdly, threads from all categories show up there if I am not logged in. Something to look into, I think.

Aha! Because it is end-user customizable.

Click on your avatar in the top right, click Profile (last option, looks like a human profile), then Preferences.

On the Preferences screen go to Tracking (in the second row of options)

Under Categories, Watched, select which categories to watch.

Presto, topics from the categories you chose to watch now appear on your Topics screen!

Okay, this is actually a nice feature. If Xenporta worked this way instead of requiring designated users to “promote” topics, I might have kept it.

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You can also Watch a category (adding its topic to the Topics screen) by clicking the Bell in the top right corner while in the category.

I was wondering why I wasn’t seeing anything new. I clicked on topics and found a bunch of new threads. I’ll check my preferences.

So I went and changed my preferences. I’ve found all kinds of new posts I hadn’t seen. Is there a way for me to see the topics page when I first come to Crux?

That’s the page I get as my home page and I assumed that was the default but let me have a boo at the Preferences. Maybe you can set it in there.

EDIT: Preferences - Interface - Default Home Page. There are several options but “Latest” is what I have so seems to give the topics page.

I’ll check on that. I think that’s where I was playing around. I might have missed something.

So I just went back. I think I picked the right option. Time will tell. Now I know where to go to adjust it

So, I was able to change it so the topic page comes up first now.

I have been confused by this as well

OK, this didn’t even show up for me unless I clicked on “Site Feedback”.

Gimme a while to figure this out. Weird.

OK, found the setting. Now when you’re on the “Topics” page, you will see threads (topics) from all the categories.

You were set to categories view. I changed you to view new topics by default.

You can tweak this under “user preferences” in your profile.

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I’ll check this out. I did change it to what I had under the preferences. It was an improvement over what I had before. I saw new posts today, so that seems to help.

Probably because I changed the “default categories watched” list to include all categories. I thought it did that by default and users had to opt out. Not so.

Slowly figuring this stuff out. As Mendalla said, it’s a nice feature because it offers a lot of flexibility. For example, if you don’t want to hear about politics, you can opt out of viewing any topic/thread with the politics tag. All these features come at the cost of a back end that has an incredible number of options to click on.

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