What is Cruxifusion?

Cruxifusion is a renewal group for the United Church of Canada. Some of us just aren’t members. We simply don’t want to see the United Church become just like all the other churches. That’s boring.

There is another Cruxifusion at Cruxifusion.ca. Those guys are dedicated to making the United Church more like other churches that are also failing. We think that’s wrong, for reasons that are self-explanatory. We think God likes us more than them, because God told us to register the dot com.

We really, really like Rev. Gretta Vosper. We like almost everything about her. We do not appreciate her poetry. In the same way that Arthur and Ford did not appreciate Vogon poetry. Other than her poetry, which is a minor crime against humanity, we adore her. Dare we say she’s better than Jesus? Just, please, let’s not stoop to crucifixion this time. Last time there was a whole big deal and we don’t need that drama again.

So is this a parody site? A serious attempt to sway the United Church away from being another club for Jesus freaks? An extension of Wondercafe2.ca? I’d like to think it’s all of those things. I understand some people will not come here, and that’s fine. I hope others try it out. I will try posting here daily to see who jumps in. I will make reference to WC2 at times, because that was my online home for so long and this place exists largely because I don’t like what happened to WC2. They could always change. They seem determined not to.

That said, there are some people who are banned from WC2 who are also not welcome here. That list contains two people: Stephen Booth and “Ritafee”. I expect both will try to register. I expect I won’t need expert sleuthing tools to figure out who they are based on what they write. I’m simply done with both of you, so create your own site.

Just about everyone else who has been on WC or WC2, I’m happy to host here. Please register and tell us how you’ve been. Even if I didn’t like you or just didn’t buy your belief system.

I’m really sorry it took me so long to get a decent website up and running. This is not what I do, but I’ll try anything. If you have any comments or recommendations, fire away.

Personally, I’ve looked around a bit at what I’ve made, and even if it’s not very good, it’s pretty neat.

Hey! Rita Fee already tried to register! One more way I’m more accurate at predicting the future than the Old Testament.

Rita, you’ll see you can’t post. I’m done with you. Create your own website. You had that subreddit, right? Go there. People will follow. Tell Stephen you’re a leader in the church and he’ll be right there.

As this appears to be of concern to some at Wondercafe 2, Stephen and Rita both know they are not welcome here. Rita has tried to join. I silenced and eventually suspended her account. I own this place, and she wants to destroy it. She will cry censorship, but this is not a public street corner - I own it. It’s my house and most people know that I’m extremely lenient about who I would allow in. Everyone knows that I’m hopeful that people who disagree with me will join. I don’t want an echo chamber.

But some people are just toxic and suck all the life out of a room. These two are the main ones. If they were both atheists, but acted the same, they’d both still be banned. Both have the option to go and create their own online houses, where they can ban me. I’m more than fine with that.

Neither can create a place where others will voluntarily go. Everyone knows that, but that is not my problem. My advice is be more likeable, but if you were, you wouldn’t be excluded in the first place. There are people who agree with you, I know, so please go find them. You need community just like many of us. It’s the fact that we also need community that makes us exclude you, to preserve our own communities.


Just posted by Nancy at WC2:

I thought Steven had some good things to contribute.

Mendalla’s response:

You’re probably thinking of Steven Davis, who has long been an excellent poster. We are discussing Stephen Booth (who has many aliases), who has been a problem on UCCan sites going back to the original Wondercafe. He even threatened to take disputes offline and to other sites at one time.

I am not against booting Steven Davis. For his hat alone.

Also from Nancy:

Thanks Mendalla. Maybe I got the two Stev(ph)ens mixed up. And I guess I tend to skip over anything that doesn’t make sense or sounds too wonky for me to spend time deciphering.

The greatest thing about Stephen Booth is he brings people together. I have major problems with the original (and to a certain extent, the current) WC2 councils. The one thing we all agree on is Stephen Booth is a complete train wreck to deal with.

Again, I like having fundamentalist Christians around. I would pay money to bring people like AC33 and Blackbelt back from the (forum) dead.

Stephen is actually an entertaining straight man at times, and it’s still not worth it. That’s saying something.

I’ve gone back and corrected my mistake. I made it clear I misspelled Stephen. :blush:

I’m glad you are keeping them out. As you say, they are both able to create their own spaces.

I miss BB, actually. We had some good exchanges over the years. He even did a stint as a mod.

Oh, to have been a fly on the wall…

From Paradox3 at WC2:

I often wondered if Jae would surface over there but I never detected any sign of him.

I’d be fine with Jae here. If anyone has his contact info or social media account, send him here.

It’s hard to believe that unsafe keeps plugging along, lololol, with no support at all, really. Mystic has no time for her, he’s on his own distinct theological rant, which is that all things Canadian are toxic in some fashion, especially our denomination.

Unsafe is the Energizer bunny of fundies, I agree.

Berserk uses her like Trump uses poor people. He’ll say how much he supports her, but she’s utterly disposable to him.

Just a bump during Crux24 - “Upended in the Wildnerness” or something like that.

If you came here by mistake, welcome. Feel free to read, register or post as you like. The other Cruxifusion thinks this place is just about mocking Christianity. That is not the truth. In fact, it can be about anything you want.

Well, what do you expect from a cranky ex-pat? We’re probably rather better off with him living stateside.

If I ever do get back to WC2, I ran across some interesting data that Berserk will not like.