What Legacy Does Trump Leave?

From WC2:

Why has no one just posted the test? Here it is:

This is the test that Trump “aced”. The one Trump thinks is a good determination for fitness to be president.

Someone search the author’s name (Noah Carl). Report back what you find.

Can someone please just take that image of the test and post it to the WC2 thread? That thread is insane.

Here, I’ll put the original imgur link in a code box:


Copy that text into your reply at WC2.

Better yet, give the test to an 8-year-old and see if they can also “ace” it.

I can’t believe Mystic doubled down.

The MOCA test is not to determine mental fitness for a world leader. It to test if you should be given metal cutlery.


A quote doesn’t do this justice. I wish I had a better video source.

Truly, one of the great orators of our time.

True. If you boast about hard the last few questions are, there’s a problem.

If someone is suggesting he needs this test then maybe someone (or a few someones) are concerned about whether he should have cutlery.

A very recent post:

In the midst of all the fear, good thongs are happening unnoticed.

This is why WC2 needs me - thongs like this.

Geez. If you’d like me to relay your thoughts just ask. I will quote and attribute to you if you so choose.

I mean, the problem is choosing a punchline. There are so many possibilities.

But if I had to choose…

Going unnoticed is the job of a good thong. So I’m told.

Would you like me to share that?

If you think you won’t get in trouble for it, go for it.

It was written in the style I would have used for WC2. Despite what some think, I do consider the platform.

There were other lines going through my head.

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For example:

Going unnoticed is the job of a good thong. A great thong has higher ambitions.

Hope you don’t catch any flak for threadjacking or whatever else might be said.

I’ve dealt with worse flak. I can handle it if it happens. I’m thinking more people miss that part of your contributions, so it won’t be a problem.

Oh, not that you can’t handle anything. It would be water off a ducks back for me as well. I still don’t want you to deal with anything over my words.

You can always defend yourself by telling the truth - that you chose the tamer joke.

I’ll happily put the other one in there.

Frankly, similar thoughts were going through my head. Today is a day where my brain needs a bit of a break.

Some straight lines are like crack to me. Especially straight lines about thongs.

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Part of me really wants to compose a complete reply to Mystic/Berserk for posting in the WC2 thread. But I have to remember that WC2 would rather have Mystic than me, so they can have him.

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I really think he’s losing it. He’s fixated on Trump’s nice works and the fact that apparently killing baby girls is worse than anything else the man has done. :roll_eyes:

They are birds of a feather. They’re both narcissistic assholes. Their arrogance has its own gravity.

I could absolutely tear him up and have him running for the hills again, but I’m not going to. WC2 deserves him.