Who the heck are we anyway?

So, here’s a thread to introduce ourselves. Some, probably many, already know each other but it never hurts.

So, I am Mendalla aka “The Ape”. I am a founder/admin of Wondercafe2 who also hangs out on a number of other sites. In my working life I manage IT for a mid-sized corporation working in home health. I write fiction in my spare time, such as there is. A link to the site where I publish my stories is in my profile.

I am not really sure I need another general purpose forum site, but I am always game to try one. At least I am just a member and not “staff” on this one so I can just enjoy it.

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I’m also here from WC2. This is a nice version of the last Crux board.

I’m retired and a knitter living with cancer. I have a whole new understanding of “one day at a time”

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Another WC2 member. You know me as Snoopy on the LAST post thread. Otherwise I am paradox3

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Hey, thanks for jumping over.

I’m not sure how to describe myself. Perhaps I’ll just say I’m the guy you’d want in your corner.