Wondercafe archive

Something I should have posted a link to earlier - the best archive of the original Wondercafe is here:


This archive is seen as “unauthorized” by the United Church of Canada, who abandoned the website and its users in 2014.

You can use Google to search the archive by pasting this into your browser:

SEARCH site:wondercafe.altervista.org/www.wondercafe.ca/

Replace “SEARCH” with the text you are looking for.

The old site is also available (if painfully slowly) at Wayback Machine here:


No word on what the United Church thinks of Wayback Machine or if they have sent any emails asking them to take their archive down.

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They’re more worried about yours because people can, you know, actually use it? :grinning:

Thanks for setting that up. I have actually referenced it now and then when looking up some stuff, usually related to the startup of WC2. Should actually do a revisit of my old threads someday. Like the Pop Culture ones where I was still listening to wimpy music instead of death metal. :metal: