Wondercafe2 FB group post

I made a post there two days ago to promote this site. It was up for a day and was seen by 31 people, then it disappeared.

Checking now, its status as a post has been changed from “approved” to “pending”. That means I can see it, mods can see it, but no one else can.

If anyone wonders why I feel a place like this is necessary, there it is. Again.

No communication, no warning, no comments at all. Just a post that gets removed from view, perhaps using a flag that someone dropped as justification for the action that some mod wanted to perform anyway.

It just sucks.

I can ask Jayne. I think she might still be a mod there. I don’t FB and don’t plan to start. We don’t actually use it for anything anymore other than announcements if we are down unexpectedly.

It’s Jayne and chemgal who are mods, but I understand chemgal is taking a break from things WC2.

It’s possible that some FB group members flagged me and the algorithm changed the status to pending. But of course, I’ve seen this happen too many times.

If I’m wrong, I’m wrong.

Facebook is crazy and gets worse all the time. Since they got rid of i) news, which kept stuff interesting by watching my friends argue about crazy stuff, then ii) my favorite game, which, childishly, was Hogwarts Mystery, I’m not even on there every day. I have a couple of old friends who rely on my competing with them in Word Blitz or Sudoku, and I use it with a couple of my kids for communication, but otherwise, it’s not an interesting place to be. I don’t miss Twitter/X either.

I edited the post, but that seems to have done nothing. It’s still “pending”.

Again, it was published for a day, so either it’s been flagged (and we know how much UCCan members love that button) or it was removed on by a mod.

I’ve now been told that FB itself was concerned my post was spam, and it has been reinstated.

I sent my thanks back to Jayne, who relayed her thoughts about my fears in the nicest possible tone you could imagine.

This all sounds positive.

Sorry, forgot the /s.

It’s really not. The good news is, cruxifusion.com will be around for a while.

Ah that’s too bad about Jayne.