Chit Chat for fun

I decided to start this as a general checking in thread. I hope it will be fun and apolitical and stress-free.

I went for a walk with a cancer buddy today. It was nice to get out and chat. Spring is here so the walk along the waterfront was lovely. It truly is a great spot. I also need to walk more. Huff puff. :crazy_face:

I needed this walk today a neighbour came by looking for my husband who was out golfing. I had the delight of listening to crazy crap. He was quite high and English is his second language. Frankly, he would be hard to understand even if his English was good. Wow. He was trying to promote acid and pot as things to create calm. I’m generally quite good at calm for one thing. I also didn’t need the lecture. I had to tell him I wasn’t interested several times before he left. I was actually uncomfortable with him because he had crazy eyes. I don’t think it would take much to trigger him into being volatile. Thankfully the walk got him out of my system.

Happy spring

Great idea for a thread! Kind of “Room for All” without the coffee cart or the “LAST Post” thread without the race!

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Been thinking a bit about reading the entire bible over the next year. I have read the Gospels in detail and discussed most of the material on WC2 at least once.

To do this, I will need to pick up my pace and read 3 chapters each day. I am thinking to do a quick blog type entry daily. What do you guys think of Snoopy’s Bible Study here on this site? Could be fun.

Those were my inspirations.

It also gave me a chance to try uploading photos. So far so good. I’m sure you’re shocked to learn I’m knitting.

Yes it’s shocking to see you knitting :wink:

Interesting. I saw that thread but haven’t looked at it.

We had a visioning session at the church on Sunday afternoon. The facilitator had some cool information to trigger discussion. Part of that involved bible passages, including several involving women. It made me want to learn more about those women - Naomi, Ruth and I think Esther. Honestly, I’d have to figure out where bibles might be hiding here…

Snoopy’s Bible study would be more light hearted than what I have done on WC2.

Just think. No Luce to dump all over it! No evangelical Christians to tell me I am wrong!

Will give this more thought.

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I’ll look for it.

Oh dear. I can’t figure out how to reply properly to a post here

No. I’m not.

Oh God. My wife buys more yarn than we can keep. It’s hilarious.

I say nothing. My hobbies are downhill skiing and mountain biking. The amount she spends on yarn is nothing in comparison.

I bought her nice needles once. She was nervous to buy them because they were a hundred bucks? Two hundred? She likes them. They make her happy. She makes the kids sweaters and toques.

She also made me a toque. It’s grey on slightly darker grey. If you look really close, there is a message around the outside of the hat. It reads, “FUCK OFF.”

I love that hat. I wear it a lot in the winter.

I love that hat. I got to knit a hat that had fuck cancer in script on it. I chose two colours so that the script was visible but not visible :slightly_smiling_face: The recipient loved it which made knitting it more fun.

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Now that is an awesome hat. Your wife is a good woman.

Two hundred bucks for knitting needles???
Wow! My best needles weren’t that expensive but they weren’t cheap either.

I have a couple of pairs made from hardwood which are amazing. They are smoother than metal and make a different sound when you knit. More of a “scritch scritch” than a “clack clack”.

They do something impressive. They’re either German or Japanese. I can’t remember which. I might be high on that estimate.

She likes them. That’s all I care.

I also have a couple of circular needles which are very, very nice. I think they were made in Germany now that you mention it.

Good knitting needles aren’t cheap. Did the $200 get her a set of interchangeables? Or did you even notice?

As an engineer in construction I’m sure you know that good tools are important.

Oh yes. Two hundred bucks would make sense for one of those sets of round needles with the interchangeable ends.

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Yes! They were interchangeables.

And the thing is I can spend $200 on ski wax.

She wants something for knitting? Buy it. In fact, were picking up a yarn order tomorrow from.a store in Shelburne, Ontario tomorrow. She has shopped there before, but now they’re closing down so my wife gets some discount yarn.

Btw, this woman can find discounts and sales like no one else I know.